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Single Garden Estate embarks on a journey to create unique collections of delicacies and rare finds from all over the world. Our Classical Premier Chocolate lines of handmade truffles start with traditional French techniques that stretch and extend blends with exotic flavors of South American Cocoa. Selected coffee and teas come from rare Far East Single Gardens, as well as Central America and Caribbean regions, contributing to a perfect combination for refined palates to celebrate extraordinary tastes for any special occasion. We travel the world acquiring artisanal knowledge and working techniques, bringing back world treasures that will surprise you with delightful sensations of exceptional taste.



About Single Garden Estate


The term “Single Gardens” was first mentioned in ancient script writings. The history and philosophy of Single Gardens date back thousands of years. The first writings came from Far East Asia and India, where the gardens were set up to grow rare species of plants and vegetables to serve local rulers, kings and emperors. Those gardens (usually smaller by size) were carefully designed and arranged in accordance with nature and the eastern philosophy of energy flow and cycling of the sun, water, wind and soil to cultivate the best possible plants with special aromas and healing properties. Thus, tea gardens originated on the footsteps and high hills of the Himalayas and other regions throughout Asia, the Far East and India. Today, only a few of those gardens remain and are truly rare world treasures that are commonly known as Single Gardens. They continue to grow the finest selections of tea, spices and other rare plants.


Single Garden Estate is a family-owned business. The roots of the company come from a scientific background and began with a desire to search and explain nature’s phenomenon of taste. On their journey to find the origin of organic food and how it grows in ecologically clean, sustainable areas, the founders learned of Single Gardens. Thus, Single Garden Estate was created to support sustainable development of unique places around the world that grow, process and produce organic and unique special selections of teas, coffee and other hard-to-find foods.


Reaching out and building relationships around the globe, most of the products come from small-scale Single Gardens and local farmers to ensure high quality, freshness and superior taste. A commitment to produce the best food products brought new ideas and the family extended its interest by opening a small-scale organic farm in Redding, Connecticut to experiment and grow rare varieties of vegetables, spices and other plants. In 2012, a rose garden was planted to cultivate organic roses for a new line of products based on the rose flower foundation. In 2015, the company added a line of artisanal handmade chocolates and expanded its interests to the pastry world.


Single Garden Estate is a small business and employs seasonal workers to help with farm maintenance and garden keeping. We develop relationships with pastry and chocolate chefs to create the world’s finest handmade artisanal chocolate and our experienced staff imports tea, coffee and other exquisite products from all over the world. We strive to deliver excellent customer service support to provide the best possible experience and quality that satisfies our clientele.


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